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Jay Z or Kanye? Jay Z of Course!

jay z and kanye

Why I Prefer Jay-Z To Kanye West

I am a huge music fan, and rap is my favorite genre. I know that people claim that classic rap from the 80s is the best, but I am certainly into more recent artists. Jay-Z and Kanye West are two rappers I enjoy. With that said, I certainly prefer Jay-Z. Here are several reasons that this is the case.

One thing that makes me prefer Jay-Z is the fact that I like to dance. It is very simple to put on a number of his hits and dance like there is no tomorrow. On the other hand, Kanye tries to be so deep that some of his music is far from anything people can enjoy whole dancing the night away. There are a couple that you can move to, like “Heartless” and “Stronger,” but most of them are for sitting around in deep thought.

While this should probably have nothing to do with my opinion of the music, I really take issue with Kanye’s personality. He has this eccentric, tortured artist vibe and I find it very odd. I understand that he lost his mom unexpectedly several years back, but watching someone walk around presenting themselves this way is strange. As far as I can tell, Jay-Z has his head on straight, and I believe that a large amount of his music reflects that.

Beats mean everything to a great song, and I believe Jay-Z has Kanye beat by far. I swear I can listen to “Renegade,” “Brooklyn Go Hard” and “Trouble” on repeat for days. None of those are songs I would dance to, but I can always put them in and go into deep thought. I need that sometimes to stay grounded, so I really appreciate Jay-Z for offering me that.

There are some songs that bring you back to a certain point in your life. I believe that Jay-Z’s music does this for me more often than Kanye. This is probably because he has been releasing albums for longer than Kanye has. I only know of one or two Kanye tracks that remind me of another time, yet there are at least 10 Jay-Z tracks I can think of that do this for me.

Confidence means everything when making music, and Jay-Z has plenty of that. At the same time, he knows how to be humble and continue making music that his audience will like. I feel like Kanye is overly confident and he feels like he can make any type of music he wants because he is some type of god that should be revered by fans. I will take Jay-Z’s cool confidence over Kanye’s unwarranted arrogance any day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I turn on the radio, hear Kanye come out of the speakers and I am pleased. With that said, I experience joy more often when I am listening to Jay-Z. If I really had to choose one, I would choose Mr. Carter or Mr. West any day of the week.

Enough arguing, let’s see them both doing what they do best.

Why YouTube Stars are Shining Brighter Than Ever

youtube famous

When it debuted in 2005, YouTube was just another platform for the individual with a yen to create  video content to make free use of. A decade later, the proliferation of streaming media on all manner of devices including smartphones has also made YouTube super-star central.

There are literally thousands and thousands of user-created “channels” where individuals can command audiences on just about any topic or subject at hand. The content is free to watch in unlimited amounts so it stands to reason that viewers, especially the Millennials, have found YouTube to be their own version of traditional television.

As the viewership grew, so did the appeal of a certain set of YouTubers. The most famous and highly-subscribed to channel belongs to PewDiePie. Known as Felix Kjellberg in real life, he commands an almost-Beatlemaniac  audience of over 42 million.

Other stars include Zoella, Gravy3yardgirl and Lilly Singh. These ladies have been getting write-ups in international publications and for what? They have millions of subscribers as well, but it is the affection with which the subscribers aka viewers watch and follow them that is most curious to anyone past the Millennial generation mark.

What is it that makes YouTube stars so popular? In the first place, it seems that the younger audiences have to have something for themselves –something that their parents just don’t understand. It is the typical young generation voicing itself and “rebelling” against the older generation.

Today’s youth tend to enjoy following these YouTubers because the content is free to watch and it comes in bite-sized viewing portions. This makes a five or 10- minute video perfect for any in-between moments. With a smartphone, these clips can be enjoyed while waiting for an appointment, a bus, a class and anything in between.

Because the video clips normally consist of nothing more than the star speaking into an iPhone camera, there is also an immediate sense of intimacy. It is like the viewer gets a casual, but meaningful one-on-one interaction where they can be entertained, informed and given secrets and tips that they feel no one else can hear.

The talent found on YouTube also typically goes outside the norm of what might be seen on traditional television. There are no limits to what can be done or said. This makes the viewing all the more addicting.

One thing that seems to be occurring with the rise of YouTube stars is advertising. This is seen as a sell-out by most subscribers. If their favorite star starts doing quick promotions for a sports drink or a particular makeup, it can often be a bad thing. That is, it is bad for the young viewer. Jukin Media is one such company capitalizing on the opportunity of advertising profits from viral videos, owning such channels as Fail Army and JukinVideoDotCom.

It turns out that product manufacturers are getting hip to the YouTube star trend. They realize the value the stars on YouTube have and are starting to see dollar signs.

Like any other medium, however, being a star takes a certain “something.” That magic is impossible to define, but it is an essential part of all the YouTubers who have millions of subscribers.