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A Guide To E Glide Electric Skateboards

E Glide is a company which had been manufacturing powerboards or electric skateboards for over 11 years.  There are a number of different skateboard models available including their flagship product the aluminum GT.  It is important that before you buy any products you understand a bit more about what they have to offer you.

Safety And Comfort

All of the electric skateboards made by E Glide have a cabled remote system.  This system is proven to be safer than a wireless system as you never have to worry about signal problems.  Additionally, the remote will never have to be charged.

The wheels on the skateboard are pneumatic and the skateboard comes with a wide concave deck.  This allows the board to ride over almost anything with enough clearance ground to be safe.  If you choose their flagship model the deck will be made from aluminum.

Speed And Power

The electric skateboards from E Glide are the fastest on the market.  These boards are able to go from 0 to 22 mph in 4 seconds.  The torque available allows you to go up a hill with a 25-degree angle without any problems.

The Technology

The technology powering the board is provided by PG Drives Technology.  This technology is of the highest quality to ensure that you ride is safe and reliable.  E Glide also offers a one year warranty on all of the technology.

The technology used does not only enhance the speed and power of the board.  The boards come with regenerative brakes which offer 70 amps of power.  This means that you will be able to stop when you need to with great control and precision.


When you consider buying any product you need to think about how long it will last.  E Glide prides itself on the quality of the components in their boards as well as the simplicity and construction.  None of the board decks have plastic in them and all parts from decks to battery cases are made from hard metals like aluminum.

The Battery

There is no point in having an electric skateboard if the battery is very weak.  There are two battery types available with E Glide models.  The first is a 15-mile range SLA battery and the second is a 22-mile range lithium manganese battery.  This is generally enough power to get you where you need to be and back without issue.

Servicing And Repair
off road electric skateboard
While you do not want to think about your board breaking down before you buy one it is important to know what servicing and repairs are available.  All of the parts on the boards have been designed to be easy to replace.  This means that you should be able to service the board yourself and it is possible to get parts directly from E Glide.

Electric skateboards might not be the right choice for everyone.  However, if you are considering buying one you should look at E Glide, in particular, their flagship GT model.  With 11 years of experience, E Glide offers durability, speed and easy to repair boards.


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