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  • Doja Cat

    Day to night to morning Keep with me in the moment I′d let you had I […]

  • Ooh oh … Yeah You can be the peanut butter to my jelly You can be […]

  • Jameson Rodgers

    It′s been one of them clock it in, knock it out, clock it out ‘Bout to […]

  • Cro

    Es ist ein unglaublich schöner Tag Und draußen ist es warm, er ist auf dem Weg […]

  • Taylor Swift

    I know that you like me And it′s kinda frightening Standing here waiting, waiting And I […]

Beste Songtexte

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  • E‐40

    Nope! Yep! Nope! Yep! Nope! Yep! Nope! Yep! Ever told on a nigga? (Nope!) Ever squeezed […]

  • Will Dempsey

    I don′t know why God takes the good ones first And man I’ve tried To be […]

  • Metallica

    So close, no matter how far Couldn′t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who […]

  • Jürgen Werth

    Vergiss es nie: Dass du lebst, war keine eigene Idee, Und daß du atmest, kein Entschluss […]

  • Hippie Sabotage

    Why did we have to meet? ′Cause now we barely speak Well, life happens At night, […]