Love Nwantiti Songtext von CKay



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 Datum: November 11, 2022

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My baby mama one time (uh)
Girl na, you dey make my temperature dey rise
If you leave me, I go die, I swear
You are like the oxygen I need to survive

I′ll be honest
Your loving dey totori me
I’m-I′m so obsessed
I want to chop your nkwobi

Unle, your body dey baka mi si, unle
Open am make I see, oh, yeah
Gimme love nwantiti
Baby, make a bad man sing, oh, yeah

Baby girl, where you from? Come, yeah
Your body na follow come, yeah
No be silicon, yeah
Baba God e finish work, eh-eh-eh-eh-eh

Without you, I go fit lose my mind
Without you, I go fit fall and die
Without you, I go give all my life
Without you (without you)

Unle, your body dey baka mi si, unle
Open am make I see, oh, yeah
Gimme love nwantiti
Baby make a bad man sing, oh, yeah

You mean the world to me
If I live in fantasy, ay-ay-ay
I love you, ay-ay-ay
No one above you

Lover, don’t give this love to nobody
Lover, don’t call another nigga “honey”
Lover, lover
I wanna be your lover
Forever, forever

Ckay, yo, yo

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